Producer Nick Reed in Factory-Publishing

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Read a profile of producer Nick Reed in Factory-Publishing here:

NICK REED 3D Producer quoted by New York Times

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NICK REED 3D has been around for 100 years

The 3D film business is waining says the New York Times and people forget that 3D imagery has been around for 100 years. Producer, Nick Reed talks about his new documentary film, SOLDIER’S STORIES which features emotionally powerful stereographic images from the trenches of World War 1.

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Read the article in the International Herald Tribune here




ALICE HERZ SOMMER UK premiere to standing ovation says producer, Nick Reed

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The UK premiere of the Alice Herz Sommer film, THE LADY IN NUMBER 6: Music Saved My Life, played to a packed audience and received the most amazing standing ovation, says producer Nick Reed. The audience stayed for hours afterwards swapping stories and feelings that the film raised. Please spread the word, this film really is a beautiful and insightful film on how to lead a happier and longer life.

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