US Talent Agents and Managers

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Author: Marion Rosenberg Manager and Producer, The Marion Rosenberg Office

The Full Panel

Marion Rosenberg – founder of The Marion Rosenberg Office, a talent management company.

Michael Peretzian – a literary agent in the Creative Artists Agency’s Literary Department in Beverly Hills.

Theresa Peters – a talent agent and Vice President in the Motion Picture Department of the William Morris Agency.

Nick Reed – a Senior Agent at International Creative Management specialising in creators of intellectual properties.

Susan Smith – runs independent talent management company, the Susan Smith Company.

The Difference Between Agents and Managers

In the US there are a number of very important distinctions between agents and managers which affect the way that they operate and represent their clients:

Agents are licensed by the State, franchised by the Writers, Actors and Directors Guilds to work on behalf of their members, and bonded to ensure that they are able to meet any financial liabilities that they incur. Their State Licence, for which they must … Read More »

The Anatomy Of A Pal Zileri Suit, We Take It Apart

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Pal Zileri launches an intimate and rare international photographic exhibition starring British leading men Rhys Ifans, Jonny Lee Miller and the new Prince Caspian, Ben Barnes.

Italian men’s fashion label Pal Zileri are launching a global photographic exhibition featuring intimate and rare portraits of some Britain’s most exciting acting and movie industry talent

The exhibition features special and unique portraits of Rhys Ifans, partner of Sienna Miller and co-star alongside Hugh Grant in the British comedy classic “Notting Hill”, Tom Chambers the rising star of BBC’s Holby City, 007 and Punisher Warzone movie star Colin Salmon.

It features portraits taken in LA of Trainspotting’s Johnny Lee Miller, ex-husband of Angelina Jolie, and exclusive pictures of new British leading man Steve Hart, who sold 10,000,000 records in Europe with his band World’s Apart before being picked up by Hollywood and who recently split Welsh opera diva Katherine Jenkins.

The exhibition also key notes British Hollywood uber agent Nick Reed, whom the Sunday Times voted the 8th most powerful Brit in Hollywood, and features the new Jonny Depp, Ben Barnes. Barnes is starring as Prince Caspian in the much anticipated sequel to Narnia, out in cinemas in May and is currently shooting Easy Virtue in London … Read More »

The Back-Door Director

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David Douglas was too cheap for Hollywood. They’ll be sorry.

By Mark Frauenfelder

This was David Douglas’ idea of a reward – to be in a Bulgarian forest at 3 a.m. in the dead of winter. It was 20 below, the wind was howling, and he was four days into a fever that left him wobbly with fatigue. Sitting in his director’s chair, David seemed to be the only one on the set of For the Cause who was unaware that the weather was trying to kill everybody. Knee-deep in snow, the crew was desperate to finish the shot and go to sleep. But not David. He didn’t spend years working for free at TV stations and movie studios, living in his car, sneaking onto the Sony lot to make a short film, just so he could go back to his crappy hotel in Sofia and nurse a flu. This was it. His dream was coming true. And if it happened to be taking place in the middle of an icy windstorm, so be it.

Lots of American movies are shot in Bulgaria – not because location scouts have singled it out as God’s little acre of cinematographic splendor, but because the economy … Read More »